My Epiphany

Dana Purdom, also known as Beautie_Cutie. I’m an American woman, mother by nature, hair care provider by trade, motivator by grace, health & wellness enthusiast, and lover of all things fabulous, who has dedicated my life to the advancement and empowerment of women all over the World.

Over the years I’ve met women from all walks of life in search of some ‘thing’. Whether it was a new cutting edge hair cut, transforming hair color, beauty makeover or simply someone to just listen to them and be heard, they all were in search of something.

They’d say to me, “Wow, your story is so inspiring - it makes me feel better about my own possibilities!” I welcomed their questions and opened myself up to them with the intent to ENLIGHTEN, EDUCATE & EMPOWER them to find their own voice in making their possibilities become realities.

Some have asked, “How do you do that by just being a Hair Stylist, doing hair?” I answer, “I am not driven by just being a Hair Stylist. I pride myself in my technical skills, extensive training, and knowledge of the overall care of the hair, health and beauty.”

No one client of mine just sits in the chair and gets their hair done. Each individual client experience is an educational session on how to properly care for their hair from teaching product knowledge & use, proper tools to care for & style the hair, and most importantly the science of the hair and how to address all cares and concerns.

I’m not your ordinary Stylist, nor do I look or play the role. I love everything FABULOUS & FASHIONABLE that has to do with BEAUTY no matter its history, origin, race, creed or religion. I connect with women of all walks of life because I am them: professional, nurturer, educator, etc… I’m young, gifted, talented and most of all NOT boring! I’m a mix of business and urban chic. I am the outward vision of what women feel inside. I hope when a woman sees my hair, my fashion, my personality, they feel the thrill of wanting more for themselves.

I have trained under some of the top leaders and companies in the industry such as Toni & Guy, Wella, TIGI, Design Essentials, Paul Mitchell, Creative Hair Salon, Pureology, HAI Elite and YUKO System just to name a few. I bring a wealth of knowledge to the Charlotte area that I hope to share with each of you.

Your Stylist….Dana

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